How it works

Jiffy Cash Loans matches your application with the best available cash loan for your circumstances. Our panel of lenders are the best in the UK. Most do not require any sort of paperwork to approve your loan request and just as important as your credit score is your ability to repay the loan as agreed and your financial situation.

Why use short term cash loans?

Short term loans can be utilised for any emergency purpose, whether it’s to cover an outstanding MOT invoice, or as a security deposit for rented accommodation. Our straight-forward and fast application form asks no awkward questions, it is a simple set of identity and financial questions that will be used to ascertain what the lenders can offer you. Additionally, the lending criteria offered by our lenders has been designed for people from all walks of life, so even if you’ve suffered the backlash of bad credit in the past, we may still be able to help!*


Our hassle-free online application form is so simple, it takes less than two- minutes to complete. Providing you fulfil the general lending criteria, we can complete our initial checks and deliver a decision within minutes! Can you afford not to find out if you qualify?


From Application to Approval, in three easy easy steps:


Loan Criteria

With our transparent application process, obtaining a loan couldn’t be easier. To apply, you must satisfy the basic lending criteria, which requires you:

Warning: Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to